Andreas Pasternak

Technology Director, Apex.AI

Andreas is an expert in C++ security, real-time robotic systems and reinforcement learning. He is the technology director of Apex.AI, responsible for leading the development of high-end safe and reliable real-time automatic driving robot system using Modern C++. Prior to Apex.AI, he was responsible for technology development in robotics and reinforcement learning at MT Robot.


Using Modern C++ to Build Secure and Trusted Real-time System: Challenges and Solutions

Using modern C++ is frowned upon by many working in safety critical and real time systems. We show our efforts to bring modern C++ into this new field on the example of a safe real time robotics framework for autonomous driving tightly integrated into ROS 2. This talk introduces the main challenges and how we solved them: * Avoiding memory allocations during exception handling. * Memory pools for standard containers and best practices to avoid memory fragmentation. * Additions to the thread support library to make it suitable for real time applications.