Liya Du

Senior Product Manager, Microsoft developer Division

Du is the senior product manager of Microsoft development division. Mainly responsible for products and projects for Internet of things developers, including Internet of things device end, edge computing and cloud development tools and development experience. Previously, he worked in Intel, sap and Cisco as an enterprise SaaS product designer.


Tools to Ease Cross-Platform C++ Development

Writing high-quality error-free C++ code is a challenging task, let alone when having to juggle multiple platforms at the same time! In this session we will be exploring the many challenges in cross-platform C++ development and how tools can help. What options do I have if my production environment is different than my dev-box? Can I be as productive when working with remote Linux machines? How can I efficiently build and debug CMake projects and how can I acquire open-source libraries? Come see what Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio Code, CMake, WSL, Vcpkg and more have to offer to make your C++ development much easier.