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Fedor Piku

Chief Engineering Scientist of Mentor

Fedor G. Pikus is a Chief Engineering Scientist in the Mentor IC Segment ofSiemens Digital Industries Software and is responsible for the long-termtechnical direction of Calibre products, directing and training the engineerswho work on these products, the design and architecture of software, and research into new software technologies. His previous roles included a Senior Software Engineer at Google and a Chief Software Architect for Calibre PERC,LVS, DFM at Mentor Graphics. He joined Mentor Graphics in 1998 when he made a switch from academic research in computational physics to the software industry. Fedor is a recognized expert in high-performance computing and C++. He is anauthor of two books on C++ and software design, has presented his works at CPPCon, SD West, DesignCon, and in software development journals, and is also an O'Reilly author. Fedor has over 25 patents and over 100 papers and conference presentations on physics, EDA, software design, and C++.


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