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Since the invention of C++ by Dr. Bjarne Stroustrup in Bell Laboratory in 1985, as the most influential programming language in the computer field, the huge software system built by C++ has become the key support of IT and Internet applications in the world. Adhering to the concept of "Global experts, Global Wisdom", we will invite many experts and educators in the field of C++ to hold the "C++ and System Software Summit" in Shanghai. Through keynote speeches, interactive discussions and case sharing, the conference explored in depth the best engineering practices, newest applications and educational practices around C++ and related technology stacks.
Modern C++ Languages
System Software
Architecture & Design Evolution
High Performance & Low Latency
Quality & Efficiency
Engineering & Toolchains
Embedded Development
Distributed Systems & Network
Bjarne Stroustrup
The creator of C++,academician of National Academy of Engineering, ACM and IEEE
Keynote Speech:
The creator of C++, academician of National Academy of Engineering, ACM and IEEE, is known as "the most influential 20 people in the computer industry in the past 20 years". Bjarne Stroustrup received his PhD in Computer Science from Cambridge University in 1979 and joined Bell Laboratory after graduation, where he invented C++. His research fields include distributed systems, programming languages and software development tools. In 2018, he was awarded the Charles Stark Draper Prize by the National Academy of Engineering, which is known as the Nobel Prize in engineering field. He is currently the managing director of Morgan Stanley Technology Department and visiting professor of Columbia University. Representative works: C++ Programming Language, Design and Evolution of C++ Language.
Production Committee
Yongwei Wu
Principle Consultant at Boolan
CEO at Xcalibytei,Compiler expert
Yingjie Yuan
C++ senior expert, software architect consultant
Feng Chen
The Head of Engineering & Efficiency Dept. at Tencent Ads
Enterprise Cooperation
Frontier technology exchange
The conference will focus on the industry's cutting-edge technology trends, hot technology application paradigms and practical cases of top technology companies to create a top technology exchange feast in the industry.
Increased brand influence
Gathering professionals in the field of Internet and technology products from around the world, exhibiting companies cover many well-known brands around the world, helping corporate brand display and enhancing industry influence.
Industrial Influence
The audience of the conference comes from the technical leaders of the top Internet companies in the country, the team leader, is the core group of people and high-quality contacts in the field of C++ and software technology.
Technology expert consulting
The conference invited the world's top expert lecturers with profound insights into the development and practice of C++ and software technology, led by the father of C++, to provide enterprises with one-on-one consulting services and targeted solutions.
Venture capital investment
Well-known business leaders and heavy investors in the field of Internet products attended the event, providing unique insights into corporate business development and venture capital opportunities.
VIP Experience
For VIP users, set up private business social links to provide platform support for realizing business cooperation and high-quality resource docking, and create a new high-quality and efficient business social scene.
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